I went to the symphony today.

I went to the Symphony today. I saw/heard the Memphis Symphony do an incredible job on Stravinsky’s Rite of Spring, and man, I really do miss my orchestral days sometimes. I know I’ve taken a more jazz, fusion, rock direction with my career, but I realized tonight that I would probably never put on my tux and perform in a symphony again. But being in the concert hall, surrounded by the acoustically perfect environment which gave the pristine amount of reverb, and watching the conductor draw the passion from the the instrumentalists … it just made me appreciate it all over again.

In my time, I really took that whole scene for granted. I guess I just always assumed I’d have opportunities to perform in a venue like that, but as I look back, I trace the steps my career has taken, the twists and turns, but I remember fondly those times counting endless numbers of bars – waiting for the exact moment when I would unleash a flurry of timpani strokes that would move the audience in a way I never would know.

The Memphis Symphony Orchestra did a marvelous job! In all, there were 93 performers on stage (I counted 8 in the horn section alone), and the percussion was superb. The timpani parts were executed by Frank Shaffer with stunning energy and accuracy, and the rest of the section was simply top-notch. I really did FEEL the bass drum! Bravo, MSO!

I would like to stongly encourage any drummer, percussionist, or musician for that matter to spend an afternoon (or evening) attending your local symphony. The night is one that you will remember, and you wll learn a lot from the experience. The grace, elegance, passion, and raw energy displayed at a live symphony is not to be missed!!

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