Deep, man … deep

Ok, let me get all existential on you. Drumming (especially playing old Stax/Motown music like “Green Onions”) is much much more than keeping time, or chopping, or fills, or whatever. When your playing, and everything’s cooking, and the bass player is laying down a phat groove so wide that you just slide in .. when everything is going and you’re deep in the pocket, you begin to spearate yourself from your personal performance. You begin to experience the music as a complete whole. It’s almost a bizarre out-of-body thing, but you’re playing along and you’re not just enjoying your own playing, but you’re enjoying the music everyone is contributing to making.

The fact that you’re just playing 4-on-the-floor and slapping a backbeat every 2&4 for 10 minutes becomes a non-issue. It’s what the music calls for .. it’s what the music needs. That basic pattern is the ONLY part that’s right for the music. When you get to this place mentally, what you’re playing becomes almost irrelevant. You’ve reached a level of musicianship where you as a performer are secondary to the music itself.

This is something that’s really important when playing drums on a worship team. We have to separate what we’re doing on the kit and actually enter into worship, and we have a hard time doing that if we’re wrapped up into what we’re playing.

Deep, man … deep.

*blows out incense and turns off koto music*

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