Turn your Nintendo DS into a Drum Kit

Are you a drummer with a Nintendo DS and wish could drum while waiting in the popcorn line while going to catch High School Musical IX: This time We’re Gonna Sing about the Debate Team at the $2 movie. Gots da 1337 h4ck3r skillzz?? Well, thanks to the guys over at Pocketgamer.co.uk, you can hack your pocket gaming system into a virtual drumkit – complete with your own virtual Yamaha electronic drums! Sure, it voids your warranty and can potentially be leaked back to big N that you’ve distributed “Warez,” but why, oh why, didn’t they put an actual drum kit on the screen?! Who wants to tap around a virtual synthetic kit when you could have a huge monster rock kit alá Mike Portnoy? Ah well … enjoy, and let us know how it is!

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