New 2008 Products from Vater

Vater has recently released a slem of new sticks and accessories for 2008. My fav is the über death-core-metal-thrash accessory, the Skull Slick Nut – for those who need gore and goth to top every last inch of their setup. I’m so HXC I fart darkness!!

Man, you’d think they could find a cleaner cymbal for the photo. Anyway, I really like Slick Nuts, but be sure you get one that fits your hardware – metric, or US – because thy actually thread onto stands.

Here’s the complete list of new items …

Sugar Maple Super Jazz
A Maple version of Vater’s popular Super Jazz model for a lighter feel. Jazz Style grip, under a 5A, with a little extra length and long taper.
L 16-1/4″ D 555″ L 41.28 cm D 1.41 cm VSMSJW
List Price: $12.99

Jazz Ride
Slightly over a 5A in the grip. Long taper to a small teardrop tip for a great ride cymbal sound, response and definition.
L 16″ D .575″ L 40.64 cm D1.46 cm VHJZRW
List Price: $12.99

SD9 (Available in Hickory and Sugar Maple)
Just over a 5B in the grip with an oval tip. Comfortable to the “5B player” who needs just a little extra length.A fast playing, well-rounded stick.
L 16-1/4:” D 610″ L 41.28 cm D 1.55cm Hickory: VHSD9W Sugar Maple: VSMSD9W
List Price: $12.99

Jimmy Cobb Model
Designed by the Jazz Legend, Jimmy’s model measures in between a 5A and a 5B in the grip. Features a long taper to a medium sized teardrop tip for warm and defined cymbal tones. A “quick” feeling jazz stick.
L 16″ D .595″ L 40.64 cm D 1.51 cm VHJCW
List Price: $13.99

Splashstick Heavy
A thicker version of the popular Splashstick for extra weight and durability for the heavier players. VSPSH
List Price: $24.95

Splashstick Traditional Jazz
Smaller than the Splashstick Lite for really low volume applications and light weight. VSPSTZ
List Price: $24.95

Skull Slick Nut
Same features as the original Slick Nut but with a molded Skull body design. A quick release cymbal fastener that also features an anti-theft device. Simply hold in button, put on cymbal stand rod and release button. Reduces Set up/teardown time, easy tension adjustment, works with any size cymbal, even X-Hats. VSNSKULL
List Price: $19.99

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