Hammeraxâ„¢ Launches Whipcrashâ„¢ Bronze Cymbals

Source: Harmony Central

Hammeraxâ„¢ announces the release of Whipcrashâ„¢ brand cymbals. Whipcrashâ„¢ cymbals feature an S-shaped array of hammered microcups which can be stick-raked hard or softly to create one hand crescendos and decrescendos. These microcups are not attached jingles- they are formed directly into the cymbal bronze through hammering. The 10 microcups also add complexity to the sound.

By raking the microcups gradually toward or away the tip of the stick, strange phase shift FX can be acheived.Whipcrash cymbals are very loud and dark. They are heavier than other Hammerax crashes and with the Hammerax patent pending alloy, they are tough and designed for hard hitting. The main bell has a complex and fairly loud tone. The crash tone is very complex in the mids with rather subdued highs. Whipcrash cymbals are perfect for loud situations where a dark sound is desired. Whipcrashâ„¢ sounds absolutely beautiful when combined with bright cymbals.Hammeraxâ„¢ has filed dozens of patents, trademarks and copyrights on their brands, inventions and works of musical art. “All our pieces are stick playable and very tough! They are for drummers as well as percussionists,” says John Stannard. “Our mission is to shake up ears and preconceptions.” Hammeraxâ„¢ proceeds support T.R.A.P. and other music charities. Prices range from US $50 to $750.

email: h@hammerax.com. Phone US: 727-442-5050

For more information, visit their web site at www.hammerax.com.

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