Mapex Unveils “My Pro M”

Taking a page from, Mapex has just unveiled their own web-based custom kit building app called My Pro M. Mapex says:

MY PRO M allows consumers to go online and choose from a wide range of Pro M components and a widely expanded range of finish options to create their own custom configurations.

Sound familiar? Keep reading for more info and my full review.

One grumble I have with the new service is how you must register in order to be able to begin building a kit. However, if you’re ok with relinquishing a few nits of private info, you’re treated to slick, auto manufacturer style of web experience. The interface is fast and quite pleasant to use, but ultimately suffers from lack of options when compared to DW’s offering. For example, when you select a finish it doesn’t apply it to the diagram, and pedals and hardware don’t show up when selected. What is nice though, is the MSRP calculator; however you should brace yourself for sticker shock and waiting period. After tinkering around for just a few minutes, my kit was well over $5k with a four month wait – and my kit wasn’t even crazy huge. Mapex does let you get a quote from a local retailer, so that’s a nice touch.

What’s curious is that the web app is currently only for the Pro-M line of drums and is not offered for their top tier Saturn or Orion line. I own a Pro-M kit and can vouch for its quality, but why not offer this tool for all of their upper lines of drums? Really, the biggest difference between DW’s kitbuilder and Mapex’s My Pro M has nothing at all to with the web app itself. I go onto DW’s site to dream and come up with crazy setups much the same way I would flip through the Sears catalogs of my childhood to circle all the toys I wanted for Christmas. By offering only their upper-mid line of drums, Mapex removes the dreaming element.

25mics.gifOverall, I give the site 2.5 out of 5 mics. DW could learn a few things from Mapex’s design, but DW lays waste to Mapex when it comes to flexibility, customability, options, and the “when you wish upon a star” factor.

Click here for the Mapex press release.

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