Zildjian Launches “Ask Zildjian” Program

Big Z has just announced Ask Zildjian, a new web support program that allows Z Club members to pester Zildjian staffers for cymbal product help.

You do have to be a Z Club member to participate, but it’s free so what have you got to lose except a few more slivers of web privacy?

Had a burning question about which cymbal to buy? Don’t fret, our all-knowing team has the perfect suggestion for you. Waiting to hear back on what cymbal would go great with the set your parents got you for Christmas? Head over to Ask Zildjian now – your answer is waiting for you…

Personally, I think they totally ripped off “Ask Dave,” but I’m sure their battery of lawyers would pistol whip me into submission if litigation ensued. Curse you free market economy!!!

Read the full story from Zildjian.

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