The Return of the Peter Erskine Freestanding Stickbag!

When Peter Erskine left his long-standing relationship with Yamaha last year for DW Drums, one question that immediately came up was what was the fate of his amazing signature Freestanding Stickbag. I had heard the Yamaha was due to release the stick bag minus Erskine’s autograph, but lo’ and behold it looks as if DW Drums will be releasing the stick bag – this time with a STAND!

This is great news indeed. I own two of the Yamaha bags and love them! It’ll be interesting to see this thing in person and see how the stand works. One improvement I can see from the pic is the rails on the top of the table bit because I am forever having sticks and mallets roll off the top.

P.S. I guess we know now who owned the patent on this sucker.

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