New Finishes from Hotsticks

Hotsticks, the world’s leader in whacked, graphic sticks has just announced three new Artistick finishes.

While I applaud these guys for leading the industry in the graphic stick market (they were the first and only player in the colored sticks market back in the day), I just can’t get on board with full color printed sticks. Especially sticks which sport bikini-clad women, 1990’s tribal tats, or “da benjamins!” Cool as a novelty, but you’re not gonna earn respect at the gig with any of these puppies. Let me upload my OWN artwork, and now we’re talking … maybe.

The new finishes are available in Hotstick’s standard sizes and have either wood or nylon tips. These may look “cool,” but beware – they can mark the HECK out of your heads and cymbals. Just ask my 9th grade drumset. It knows it and how.

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