John Blackwell and Chris Layton Now with Big Z

I’m not sure how this shook down, but according to, both John Blackwell and Chris Layton have left Sabian and are now endorsing Zildjian cymbals.

Commented Chris Layton: “I’m very excited to be playing Zildjian Cymbals. After trying some of the Armand Series cymbals Mitch Mitchell was using last year on the Experience Hendrix Tour, I found myself searching for the sound I started out with, which led me to Zildjian.”

John Blackwell commented, “I’ve always loved Zildjians – my dad always played A Zildjians, so I grew up playing them. After hearing the crispness of the Hybrids and other lines like K Constantinople and the Armand Series, I was hooked. And the people at Zildjian are like family.”

I’d guess the Sabian folks are none too happy, and I wonder if they have to give all those Sabian cymbals back?

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