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Finding a good drummer can be a time consuming and difficult task. Drummer Hunter aims to ease the search. The simplicity of the site reflects the simplicity of the concept. Todd explains the inspiration behind the idea; “I moved from Minneapolis to Austin I didn’t know anyone and had been trying to find a band online. The whole process was a lot like dating. Finding the right fit has so much to do with personality, tastes, compatibility, as much as ability…then the idea just hit me. Ultimately, Drummer Hunter is meant to be a bit of a cross between Craigslist, MySpace and eHarmony.”

Drummer Hunter’s “online-dating”approach allows drummers and bands to create profiles that specify: location, influences, styles, party preferences, practicing/touring availability along with MP3s, videos, MySpace/website links all in a searchable database. Plus, each profile receives a public profile link. Thus allowing the band or drummer to promote them self outside of the site as well.

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