MikeDolbear.com Reader’s Poll Results

I don’t know why it is I gravitate towards these reader’s polls, but I can’t get enough of them – mostly just to disagree with them! You’ll recall that we recently reported on MD’s Reader’s Poll results with the same year-in-year-out winners

Now, Brit drumming site, MikeDolbear.com has released the winners of their readers (visitors) poll with some pretty interesting results. What I like about Mike’s poll is how it incorporates books, DVDs, and gear into the mix. Nicely done.

Here are some of the results that I agree with, or take issue with …

Best Rock Drummer, Taylor Hawkins
Agree 100%. Much more of a current selection than MD’s Neil Peart choice.

Best Jazz Drummer, Buddy Rich
I’m sorry – but what the heck?! In terms of jazz history, he’s a blip on the radar compared to the influences and contributions to jazz drumming of Jo Jones, Max Roach, and Tony Williams. Yes, he was an amazing influence on drumming as a whole – but to call him the best jazz drummer of 2008 is just ignorant. Clearly, Mike’s readers need to listen to more jazz.

Best Funk Drummer, Stanton Moore

Best Live Event, Drummer Live 2007
Hmm … I wonder if these guys have ever attended a PASIC. 🙂

Best Kit, Sonor Delite
Clearly a UK site. 😉

Best Snare, Mapex Hand-Hammered Bronzed Snare
This is a huge surprise to me! Beating out a Black Beauty, or a countless number of custom makers out there. Go Mapex!

Best Cymbals, Zildjian K Customs
Yawn. I mean, I kind of agree, but I was hoping for something a little more exotic. What about Connies?!

Best Cases, Protection Racket
How SKB didn’t win this I’ll never know?

Best Sticks, Vic Firth 5A
Wow! The classic wins out.

Best Drum Book, Thomas Lang – Creative Control
After the jazz category, I was half expecting G.L. Stone’s Stick Control to win this. Nevertheless, I feel there are much better books out there that have a more broader appeal. Just my £.02.

Best Drum DVD, Jojo Mayer – Secret Weapons For The Modern Drummer
Agree, 100%

You can read all the results over at MikeDolbear.com!

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