Roland Releases Marching V-Drum

Maybe this has been around for a while, but I just saw this over at Roland!  It’s a slick electronic marching drum that comes with tons of sounds and features.

The new RMP-12 is the world’s first electronic marching-percussion instrument to incorporate Roland’s patented and unique muti-layer mesh head technology with a built-in sound module and Rhythm Coach. With its advanced V-Drums technology and wide variety of sounds, the RMP-12 offers enhanced playability, expressiveness, and versatility. It’s perfect for indoor and outdoor performance as well as for quiet practice. Unlike other practice pads, the RMP-12 offers an amazing replication of acoustic drums thanks to its realistic sounds and feel.

Their site has some amazing videos that feature non other than Johnny Rabb!  You really owe it to yourself to see it in action.

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