DVD Review – Stanton Moore: Take it to the Street: A Modern Approach to New Orleans Drumming


Part 2 of Stanton Moore’s two part series on New Orleans drumming is his take on modern New Orleans drumming. If you saw the first one you might get a feeling of deja-vu watching this one as lots of the same stuff seems to be covered in this DVD. For example there is another section on using the different areas of the snare drum just like the previous DVD

I did note that I complained about how he didn’t talk much about sticking on the first DVD. Well he does on this DVD. If he’s going to talk about a sticking in a particular chapter, the chapter will be named after that particular sticking. Usually the chapter consists of him just going through a bunch of different ideas that you can accomplish with that particular. Much like the last DVD. Lots of good ideas but I feel that he just scratches the surface with the meager amount of time that he uses to actually teach. He does once again have a bunch of sections on specific rhythms that he came up with for the drum-set. There’s one he calls magnolia special that involves him using a jingle stick (christmas wand) on a floor tom to get this tambourine kind of vibe. He does slow down the groove which is something that he didn’t do at all during the the first DVD. Most likely he did the other DVD first and when he looked back at what he did he said “you know, I should/shouldn’t have done X” and kept that in mind when he recorded this DVD. He definitely did a better job on this one but it still suffers from many of the same problems as its predecessor. Namely the feeling that you’re getting a 30 minute lesson in a 60 minute class. Though it’s better in this DVD. It’s more like you’re getting a 45 minuet lesson in a 60 minuet lesson. I think this has much to do with Stanton being a modern New Orleans drummer and thus would have more to say about the newer styles then he did about the traditional styles.

This DVD definitely feels a lot longer then its predecessor though the running time is almost the same. The way they spread out the music and the instructional segments is better as well. Not a lot better, but better. The other thing is that Stanton is much better about slowing down and demonstrating what he is playing. Once again, I think he matured as a teacher in between the two DVD’s. I have a feeling that his teaching style works a lot better if you are there in person so you can ask questions.

Time for the break down.

For content I give it 2 mics. Stanton did better in this one.

For presentation I give it half a mic. Same as last time.

For Extras I give it 0 mics. There is no extra material whatsoever.

I still can’t think of a clever way to close out this review so I just say “bye” again.

Bye… again.

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