‘The Rocker’ getting beat up by the critics

For a while now, we’ve been looking forward to Rainn Wilson’s The Rocker – a flick about a washed up drummer getting a second chance at stardom.


Now that the movie has been released the reviews are starting to come in and so far, it doesn’t look so good for The Office star.  Review aggregator site, Rottentomatoes.com has it only listed at 37% fresh.  Ouch.  Here are some of the most brutal reviews …

Memo to Rainn Wilson: A shot of a paunchy middle-aged man in jockey shorts is not automatically funny. Okay, it kind of is. But The Rocker is as formulaic as a Whitesnake song without the virtue of a four-minute running time.

Sadly, The Rocker is so rife with formula that a pre-school could wet nurse on it indefinitely and still never go hungry.

Watching Rainn Wilson gyrate in The Rocker, you can’t help wondering if Mr. Wilson is inhabiting a role that was originally turned down by Jack Black.

It’s not all bad.  Some critics did enjoy the show …

If this isn’t the laugh riot of the year, it’s still a pleasant surprise, particularly for teen audiences. And in comedy seasons like this one, that’s sometimes more than enough.

The Rocker is an amiable comedy, so efficiently constructed that you can practically see the computer software on how to write comedy screenplays at work. Nonetheless it is an enjoyable construction.

I do plan on seeing it, and when I do, I’ll let you know my thoughts.

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