Another drummer gets on the gaming bandwagon

We’ve been bringing reports about drummers getting involved with various upcoming music video game releases (Mike Portnoy, Chad Smith, Travis Barker), now it looks like Metallica slugger, Lars Ulrich, is seeing the advantage of this new medium.

Harmonix’s Rock Band can often serve as a sort of subliminal radio station. After being forced to play through the song Cherub Rock five times before finally passing it on expert mode, you might just become the newest Pumpkins fan. Enough Fall Out Boy, and you may find yourself tracking down their discography–much to your dismay.

Needless to say, the record companies couldn’t be happier.

“A few weeks ago, when [Guitar Hero: Aerosmith] came out, there was more than a 40 percent increase in their catalog sales,” said Billboard analyst Geoff Mayfield to CNN.

“I expect you’ll see that again when Metallica gets the same kind of treatment in a few weeks,” he added.

As a result, even Lars “Napster Baaaad” Ulrich, Metallica drummer, is getting into the spirit of Guitar Hero.

“It’s a cool generational thing to share that with your kids,” said Ulrich. “My [son’s] favorite bands are.. the same bands that are my favorite bands–the bands I grew up on.”

Despite the obvious reason behind Ulrich’s enthusiasm–Metallica songs sold on Rock Band and Guitar Hero III are lining his pockets by the download–it’s hard to argue with his sentiment.


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