Chad, Brooks, and John Wackerman Clinic

12:58 Waiting outside the ballroom. This is the first line we’ve had.

1:05 finally in. There are 3 huge DW kits on stage.

1:08 Introductions. This is the first Rome they’ve ever been in clinic together.

1:10 guys take the stage. Starts out with a slow kick thing. Into a tribal type tom piece. Every player takes a solo while other 2 comp. John has a Roland V kit in his rig and floating toms. Now trading licks.

1:19 Second piece. 6/8 Afro-Cuban style. Each player now taking extended free solo.

Brooks first. Lots of rolls around the kit. Minimal. Explosive double bass chops. Blast beats. Then back to 6/8 groove with all players.

Chad takes a solo. He’s got the biggest kit with Bozzio-like pitched toms. Lots of interesting textures. On to a rumbly 16th note bass section with tom and cymbal work over it. Back to 6/8 with all players.

John takes the final open solo. He cues up an accompaniment track and plays “Flight of the Bumblebee” on a Mallet Kat. Be alternates between playing the melody and rocking out on the kit.

All stand and take a bow.

1:32 Chad takes the mic and thank yous. Takes questions.

Q: when did you all 3 play together?
JW: Just a few months ago.
CW: For the Drum Channel. There’s a big age difference between us. 18 years between me and Brooks.

Q: do you guys steal material from each other?
JW: these guys were a huge influence. I learned a lot from them.
CW: We also took from the same teachers.

Q: When did you start drumming?
JW: School band. I started learning vibes at 5.
CW: 6. My dad gave me sticks and a pad. I didn’t play kit until 8.

Q: How’d you develop your feet?
BW: I went thru Bass Drum Control by Colin Baily and did everything with the left foot I could with the right. Also, Tommy Aldrigde was a big influence.
CW: I went thru snare drum books to open up my feet from straight 16th notes.

Q: Who was the beat band leader?
BW: Jack Black (applause)
CW: That’s hard. Zappa would inspire us, but Alan Holdsworth left it wide open.

Q: Ever got a gig where you felt the other brother would do better.
JW: I am always the better choice! (laughter)

Q: Did your technique come from your father or teachers?
CW: It was our teachers, Murray Stevack. He was only about technique.

Q: Who influenced your setups?
BW: I guess Josh Freese. He’s the first guy I saw put his toms at this angle.
CW: I use different setups for different gigs. When I played with Bozzio he helps me to expand my sounds-pitched toms.
JW: Bozzio. I got to meet him thru Chad. Bill Bruford also. Trying to do something different and push the limit.

1:51 One last piece. Trading solos over ostinatos by the other guys.

2:00 Big finish and standing ovation.

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