Stanley Randolph & Fausto Cuevas Clinic

11:04 Manufacturer rep cones out and plugs way too much gear.

11:07 Guys take the stage. First tune is to a track. Hot tune. Stevie Wonder.

11:11 FC takes the mic

FC: We’re here to show how a drummer and percussionist coexists. On tour with Stevie Wonder we have a drummer and 2 percussionists.

11:13 Track, “Dont You Worry ‘Bout a Thing”. Slower. Rock cha-cha. Lots of unison hits between drums and timbales. Cool drum break. Timbale solo. Groove solo from the drums. Trading 4s. Huge unison lick ending!

11:18 FC takes mic

FC: We have a shared responsibility. I lead into the phrases.

Question: when learning a new stevie tune, does he give you a part?

FC: not really. He may have a drum idea, but he gives is a lot of freedom. It’s a real blessing

Next, a percussion tune I wrote called “A Tribute to the Drums.”

10:21 huge unison licks before settling down into a rhumba bass groove. I can’t get over how fast FC is on the timbales. And so clean! timbale breakdown. No kit. 2-3 Rhumba clave with lh and timbale solo on rh. Cowbell section.

Drum solo with perc accompaniment. Now perc lays out and SR lays into hot gospel groove and synco solo. Time section alternating between straight 8ths and swing 6. More time and tempo stretching. Now he’s all one the map, like playing around with a drum machine going from pattern to pattern.

Galloping double bass section. Unison hand ostinatos.

FC joins back in. Cool beat displacement in the cowbell as it remains constant and the groove shifts around it. More rhumba clave from the woodblock and soloing around it in different feels and meters. Gets super quiet. Sfz hits from toms. Huge unison clave licks to end it.

11:37 Q&A

Q: how often do you guys get to practice?

FC: Hardly ever. We’re on the road so much we never get more than 5 mins to practice.

Q: Did your styles change?
SR: Mine definitely changed. I free up a gospel drummer but being around these guys has changed my drumming.

FC: Not just Stanely. He plays keys so being around him has been a big influence on me.

Q: what do you guys do to warm up?
FC: Stanley and I grew up in drum corps. Before the show there are pads set up and we try to warm up 30 mins. Singles, paradiddles.

Q: how did you end up with Stevie?
FC: God! (applause). We got the audition and they liked it.

Q: You worried about Stevie’s son taking your gig?
SR: (Laughs) He’s what, 9? He knows all the stuff already! He can have it!

11:45 Duo plays “I wish”. SR sports sticks with glowing green tips.

11:47 Next tune is “Superstition.”

11:50 Duo takes a bow and exits the stage.

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