Johnny Rabb & Marco Minnemann Clinic

11:11 PAS guy out and introduces DW rep. Thanks sponsors

11:12 Rabb and Minneman take the stage. Johnny takes the stage and gives some live to Marco. Gives Mrco a lobster pot holder and a kitchen towel.

JR: We’re gonna start with some improv. Marco’s gonna wear the potholder while he plays! (laughter)

11;14 Begin to play. Launch into a DnB piece. JR has a drumbal on his snare. They trade licks and are tearing it up! Lots of one handed rolls and free-hand technique. They take turns trading licks in DnB grooves. Marco leaves the stage and Rabb takes an extended solo. Rabb is a real ham when he performs! Lots of stick tricks and a smile always on his face. Liberal use of the drumbal and techno/DnB grooves. Piece ends with “Shave and a Haircut.” (laughter)

11:31 Second piece. More of a straight ahead groove played to loops from an SPD-S. Rabb leaves the stage and Marco now takes an extended solo. Ripping kick chops! Superimposing different meters over feet patterns. The gong bass adds a nice texture to the solo! I like the way he’s incorporating it into his grooves. Lots of textural exploration with sounds burtsing from all over the kit. Now, he’s playing as fast he can to the big finale! Or was it? Fakie ending into more chops! Also ends his piece with “Shave and a Haircut.” (applause)

11:45 Marco and Rabb take the mic. Thank yous.

JR: He’s a little improv going into one of our favorite tributes. Hopefully you’ll recognize it.

11:46 Starts off with blazing swing ride and DnB style licks. Marco starts it off as Rabb gets set. Rabb plays groove on V drums. The sub frequencies in the kick are eating through my skull!  Rabb cues the SPD-S again with DnB hits and Buck Nelson vocal samples!  Rabb plays with the vocal hits and Marco imitates them on the kit.  He makes grooves out of samples from the video.  HYSTERICAL! “Francis Ford Coppola!  Buck Nelson!”


11:59 Standing ovation!  Fantastic performance.  Not so much a clinic.

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