Ray Luzier & Seven Antonopoulos Clinic

Here it is … our final clinic of PASIC 2008. It’s been a wild ride!

5:01 They are still setting up the kits on stage. A tune from Nightmare Before Christmas is playing (the “Sandy Claus” one). I hope this isn’t idicative of this last clinic. It seems like an odd choice for the show closer. In the past, this slot has been Peter Erskine, Steve Gadd, Dave Weckly and Steve Smith. Not a lot of folks here. The huge ballroom is not even 1/4 full.

5:05 The PAS guy comes out again and one final time insists on calling it pa-sic as in “classic.” Sabian rep introduces Seven.

5:08 Seven takes the stage and plays track. Stick twirls and 3 foot stick heights abound!

5:11 Seven take the mic. He’s way out of breath. It’s his first clinic ever (applause).

5:12 He plays a track from Opiate for the Masses. Super heavy. This guy is a complete monster. Very entertaining to watch and is a complete showman! Seems odd in this clinic environment. His grooves are very straight ahead and easy to get your brain around. Don’t get me wrong, they’re not easy, just accessible.

5:17 Solo. Starts with a hat and snare roll. Lots of snare work and double bass hits. This oozes showmanship. He’d be great to watch in concert.

5:21 Takes the mic, thanks everyone and exits the stage. Sabian guy comes back out and introduces Ray Luzier.

5:22 Ray takes the stage and takes the mic. Gives props to PASIC.
Ray: I play in the little band called Korn, and we’ve seen the world. When Korn says we tour the world, we do it – the whole world. The first thing I’m going to play is a Korn medley. You’ll probably know some of these.

5:24 Plays to track. Huge opening with simple ride cymbal section. The audience knows this tune. It looks like he lifts his leg every time he rides the open hat. Odd. Like Seven, he’s a real showman when he plays. To end the tune he does a HUGE double bass roll. Tune is called “Blind.” Second tune of the medley.

5:33 Ray takes the mic
Ray: That’s about half of what I hit in a Korn show. You can’t say, “oh I’m tired.” You have to bring it. Here’s another song called, “The Mummy.”

5:35 Goes into second tune. It’s got a more chill vibe at the top. Tune explodes into kick and guitar licks with backbeat on top. Not really a metal tune as much as it is a hard rock tune. He’s all over the kit. Goes into “Hot for Teacher.” It ends as abruptly as it begins. He’s pretty faithful to the original part. Big stick toss to close it.

5:40 One more tune. It’s in seven and it’s from a new record. More double bass and guitar riff unison. Has a pretty fat funky section. I think prog is about to start dominating PASIC. His fills are sick!

5:46 Seven comes back to the stage. They keep making drinking, Jager, and hangover jokes. Enough already! There are a ton of kids here.

5:47 Improv solo. Both guys are playing quarters ok the hat and doing rim solos. Launch into huge groove solo. Take turns trading fills at the phrases. They lay into the same double bass groove. These guys are assaulting their drums. They entertain by throwing sticks back and forth. Huge trash can ending with both guys going nuts. Stick chips flying everywhere and sticks launching into the air. The crowd eats it up.

5:56 Standing ovation as the players throw their sticks into the crowd.

That’s all she wrote folks! Be sure to tune in to our 2008 PASIC Recap podcasts! Peace.

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