NAMM COVERAGE: Zildjian Expands A Custom Rezo Line

Looks like ZIldjian has expanded their new A Custom Rezo line at NAMM this year with seven new models. I personally haven’t tried these out, but I’m very interested to hear how the blended lathing sounds.


The Avedis Zildjian Company, the world’s leading cymbal manufacturer has reacted quickly to the success of the recently introduced A Custom Rezo Crash cymbals, by introducing seven additional new models within the A Custom Rezo series. These new cymbals continue to incorporate the innovative design of alternating bands of spiral and full lathing techniques while using both Traditional and Brilliant finishes. Each of these design elements help to create cymbal models with an aggressive array of bright overtones and a lightning fast response for use in multiple genres of music.

The new 14 and 15-inch A Custom Rezo HiHats possess a new bell design that produces extra volume when needed with its medium top and medium-heavy bottom weight while still producing the warm blend of overtones that is expected from the acclaimed A Custom line of cymbals. Strategically placed cutouts on the outer edge of the bottom cymbal help to produce a warm but precise “chic” effect with these new pairings. The new paper thin 10 and 12-inch Rezo Splashes also have a new bell design that creates Splashes with an extra fast response and great projection potential.

The new 16 and 18-inch A Custom Rezo Pang cymbals resurrect a classic cymbal design that was popular in the 60’s and 70’s. The flat outer flange design of the Rezo Pang models creates a unique Crash-Ride effect with an “oriental” flavor. The round bell design allows these thin cymbals to open up quickly when crashed but still offer lots of control while creating Ride patterns.

These new Rezo cymbal additions are anchored by a new 21-inch A Custom Rezo Ride. This special medium-heavy Ride cymbal has an unlathed but Brilliant Finish bell area that provides extra weight to establish a bright and cutting bell sound. The cymbal’s bow area allows for a Ride sound that has lots of Ride pattern clarity and control but with a warm shimmering quality with its overall sound.

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