Taye Releases New Studio Birch Kit

Good things in the works from our friends at Taye (pronounced TIE). Their new Studio Birch kit looks amazing. Taye makes great drums. I remember being very impressed with Jim Payne’s Taye kit at PASIC 2006. What I think is interesting is that they have several different bass drum sizes. 24″ x 16″ would be awesome!

Source: Harmony-Central.com and Tayedrums.com

Taye Drums is introducing an all new line of drums, StudioBirch. With 7 plies of 100% Premium Selected Birch you will get plenty of attack while using Taye Drums’ patented EFS™ shell technology brings you attack, warmth and a full tuning range.

Taye Drums is offering three new colors, the chic Natural to Black Burst (NBB), flashy Galaxy Ice (GI) and the lush tones of Autumn Red (AR, not shown).

The new release of StudioBirch also brings about new bass drum sizes that were previously special order only. You can get two different sizes of 24″ kick drums (18″ & 16″ depths) and three different 22″ kick drums (20″, 18″ and 16″ depths).

We could tell you how great they are all day long, but we think you should let your ears tell you what is good and not some fancy marketing guy.

Taye Drums has been building drums for 34 years for other name brands you may have already played or owned. Since 2000, we have been building them the way WE want them and now you need to try them, too.

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