Taye Introduces Two New Pedals

Taye, in an ever-increasing effort to make a bigger splash in the drum market, has released two new pedals. Nothing special at first glance, however, I’m a big fan of Taye and I think the company will continue to get better and better as the years go on.



New for 2009 is the PSK701C single pedal and PSK702C double pedal. This new pedal brings a new level of toughness in the texture coated frames; the sleek new spring assembly, an adjustable stabilizer plate, and adjustable connecting rods. You have maximum adjustability by being able to adjust the angle of the beater, adjusting at the spring assembly, and the height to make sure the beater finds that sweet spot on your bass drum.

You want a lot of power without emptying your wallet? Well, you can take the PSK701C single pedal for $159, retail, and double it up with the PSK702C for only $349, retail.

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