Meinl Puts Out A Gimmick

File this under the “Never buy this unless at gunpoint” section. Meinl, in a flail of a money grab, is pushing their new Drum Rug… in zebra print. The starting price… wait for it. Wait for it… $130.00. No, that was not a joke. Meinl is trying to tell you that you need to spend ONE HUNDRED THIRTY DOLLARS on a drum mat, excuse me… ZEBRA PRINTED drum mat when Lowe’s sells the same thing (minus the obnoxious zebra print) for $15!!! Ugh… drives me insane.



The new Meinl drum rug in zebra finish creates an absolutely special look. The entire bottom side is covered with rubber to avoid sliding and it comes with a bag for comfortable transportation.

It measures 160 cm (5.25 ft) x 200 cm (6.5 ft).
Suggested Retail Price: Drum Rug, Zebra Finish – MDR-ZBUS $130.00

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