Meinl Introduces Another Gimmick

Come on, Meinl. First the drum mat boondoggle, now you’re telling us you’ve created a “Extra Dry Studio Tambourine.” Seriously. What exactly makes this tambourine all that different from any of it’s counterparts? I mean, seriously. We’re not idiots.



The new Meinl Headed Super-Dry Studio Tambourines feature special hand-hammered brass jingles for an extra dry and trashy sound. They are mounted on a wooden frame with a hand selected goatskin head.

Available in one or two rows of jingles. The entire instrument is light, comfortable to play and has a great sound.

Sizes: 10″
Material: Hand-hammered brass; Wooden frame
Feature: Hand-hammered triangle jingles for extra dry sound; 1 row and 2 row versions
Colour: BK = Black

Retail Price:
Headed Super-Dry Studio Wood Tambourine, 1 row – STAH1B-BK $94.00
Headed Super-Dry Studio Wood Tambourine, 2 rows – STAH2B-BK $124.00

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