DVD Review – Ian Paice: Not for the Pros

I expected this to be a straight up instructional video like pretty much every other DVD i’ve reviewed. Usually for me that means trying to glean a couple new and useful thing out of a mass of stuff that I already know or is inferior to what I know. You can only watch so many of these things before you start to feel like a know-it-all. Well, Not for the Pros isn’t really an instructional as much as it is a mainline injection of Ian Paice (not even a very big one at that). This vid is somewhere between a factory tour, an instructional, and a concert vid. It’s very loosely held together by a single thread, and that thread is Ian.

Incase you don’t know who Ian Paice is, he is (among other things) the drummer for Deep Purple. If you don’t know who Deep Purple is then you need to ask my friend and yours, Google. Pretty much if you didn’t know who he was before you started reading this then this really isn’t the DVD for you. Not for the Pros is all about Ian and is for people who really like Ian as a Drummer and a musician because there isn’t very much instruction going on in this DVD. There is concert footage and some footage of him in a recording studio, There are camera angles galore and you can easily tell this thing was made for a surround sound set up because almost every single segment you can pick from has about three different options for what kind of surround sound you want. It’s not high definition though so I can’t make full use of my new HDTV here.

Speaking of segments, I should probably tell you about how this DVD is set up because it’s very unusual for a Instructional DVD. Unlike others, this DVD isn’t designed to be watched straight through from beginning to end. It’s very easy to deduce that because there isn’t an option to do so. The DVD is broken up into different unrelated segments that you play. Imagine one of the old “Twist a Plot” variety books where depending on your choices you would go to a completely different place in the book. If you don’t know what books I’m talking about then just imagine the extras sections of a DVD for a big movie like Lord of the Rings. You don’t just hit a button and watch them all sequentially. You pick and choose what interests you and you watch that. That’s how the main menu of the whole DVD works. You just pick and choose.

The problem with this DVD is that there isn’t enough content of any type to justify buying it or watching it more then once. It could be awesome if there were more to it but it just feels like a bunch of extras packaged as the main event. Too much bone and not enough meat. Even for people who are die-hard Ian Paice fans there just isn’t enough here, and it’s not worth it for someone who isn’t big into Ian Paice/Deep Purple.

I don’t think that I can really give this one a proper mic score because of its wonky set up and the fact that it isn’t really an instructional. It’s bad but it isn’t so bad that it’s good like Tris Imboden’s DVD was.

Honestly it feels like the extra’s section of a really good Drum instructional… except that’s the entire DVD

Let me put it this way. If you love Ian Paice then maybe, just maybe, want to rent it once. Anyone else should skip it.

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