Tomas Haake Injured Again, Band Cancels Shows

Sign Meshuggah drummer Tomas Haake for a pro sports contract. He can’t stay healthy! The Swedish band announced this month that they are cancelling several Scandinavian shows due Haake’s unhealthy back and right leg. Haake was forced to sit out part of Meshuggah’s tour last year due to shoulder problems. At this point, one wonders why this keeps happening. Suppose it’s due to poor posture or technique? It is possible. Perhaps he’s just chronically injured. At any rate, Meshuggah should at least be discussing what to do about this recent development as it relates to the band’s future. Cancelling shows or finding a replacement drummer once a year doesn’t seem like viable option for a successful band like Meshuggah.



Sweden’s MESHUGGAH have sent in the following update:

“We’re VERY, VERY sorry to have to bring you this news, but we have to cancel the upcoming Scandinavian dates! Drummer Tomas [Haake] has had some back-related problems lately, problems that have been messing with his right foot/leg when playing drums. He had an MRI about a week ago and the results came back early this week. Seems he has a herniated disc in his lower back and this is what’s been causing problems for him when playing. Tomas reports that he has no pains or real discomforts from this – just the fact that his right foot doesn’t seem to ‘act out’ what Tomas’ brain is telling it to do.  It seems this is a quite common symptom when having a herniated disc in this (lumbar) area of the back, since the protruding part of the ‘broken’ disc (depending on hernia location) can put pressure on the sciatic and nearby nerves. The band’s focus right now is for Tomas to try to get surgery done A.S.A.P. so this condition doesn’t affect the upcoming summer shows and festivals in Europe.”

States MESHUGGAH drummer Tomas Haake:

“To all Scandinavian MESHUGGAH fans that have bought tickets to see the upcoming shows: The whole band is sorry about this, but we need to sound and play our best when you guys come out to see us! With this music, there’s really no room for half-measures and sloppy bass drum work, but that’s what’s happening with this herniated disc: it messes with my control of my right foot and even though it’s possible to get through a show, it just sounds like crap as my right foot/leg won’t really do what I mean for it to do – which is VERY frustrating to say the least!!! We’re sincerely sorry about this and we trust and know that you guys can appreciate our take on this and the fact that we need to look to the future of MESHUGGAH and try our best to make sure we don’t run into this problem again! Thanx!!!”

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