DVD Review – Terry Bozzio: Solo Drums

     There was a time in Terry Bozzio’s history where he wasn’t the king of huge drumsets… he was king of big hair. This video is a record of how he approached his drum solos at that time. His solos back then are very similar to his solos these days but he used a much smaller kit back then, only five toms a snare and two bass drums… tiny. His solos are long orchestral inspired pieces that I just don’t particularly care for.

     This whole video is him breaking down licks that he used in construction of two solos that he demonstrates in the video. There’s not much else to say about it. Really. There isn’t. Most of the licks he does are hand foot patterns that are pretty common in many metal fills and solos. They aren’t complicated but they are usually played very very fast so having them slowed down and demonstrated is a plus. You get some Printable PDFs… that’s nice… hat’s about it.

This is probably the shortest review I’ve ever done… time for the breakdown.

For content… 1.5 of three mics. He breaks down two solos… that’s it. He gets the half star for the printable pdfs… props for that.

For presentation he gets 0 mics. Honestly it should be more like a quarter mic but I can’t give those so I’ve gotta round down.

For extras it gets 0 mics because there are no extras.

1.5 mics is the grand total.  15mics

You’d have to be a Bozzio freak to rent this and it’s just not buying material because it’s too brief.

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