Memphis Drum Shop Featured in MTV’s Flipside Memphis

Good things come in groups, I guess. Flipside Memphis, which is a series of videos about local Memphis music and such that MTV has recently put out, put together a short video about the Memphis Drum Shop. I know we’ve talked about our love for MDS ad nauseum on the show, but I think this video really sums it up. AND, the main narrator is my own instructor, Renardo Ward. Pretty cool. Check it out. Links to the Flipside Memphis site can be found after the jump.


Where does the Memphis beat come from? The endless procession of great drummers that has powered the city’s sounds had to get their drums somewhere, and the preferred place for drummers in the know is the Memphis Drum Shop. This Midtown institution has more cymbals than you can shake a stick at, and an unbeatable selections of skins for every skill level. From the beginner to the expert to the rock god, anything a drummer wants to hit, they’ve got it. Even more amazing is their collection of vintage drums, many of which are signed souveniers from rock and soul legends.

But it’s more than just a store, it’s a center of education. Countless Memphis drummers got their first lessons here, whether they’re marching in the drum line or seated behind the kit. With a staff who is dedicated to the art of the beat, Memphis Drum Shop truly is “Drum Heaven”.

Flipside Memphis – MDS

Flipside Memphis

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