Taye Unveils New BeBop Kit in Classic Walnut Finish

This makes me drool. Taye’s unveiling a new finish for their BeBop kits. This classic walnut finish is seriously mouth-watering. Maybe it’s because I’ve been playing and listening to a lot of jazz recently, but my favorite part of this kit besides the finish is the 18″x14″ kick drum. Looks marvelous. Bet it sounds great too! Always been impressed with how Taye’s kits sound. They do great work.



Taye Drums’ introduction of their new BeBop configuration back in late 2008 included Black Oyster and White Pearl and was warmly received. Now in 2009, Taye fills their passion bucket with a Classic Walnut lacquer finish. This set is sure to be something worthy of passing from generation to generation.

You will enjoy the smooth sound and traditional look of a 12″x8″ rack tom, 14″x14″ floor tom, 18″x14″ bass drum with a matching 14″ x 5″ snare drum.

At a retail price of $1919, you can make sure you have Taye on your side.

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