Chris Adler and Jason Bittner: Live at Modern Drummer Festival 2005

It has been a while but I’m back from my vacation and I’m brining the reviews son! If you own the DVD set for the 2005 Modern Drummer Festival then don’t bother with this one because you already own it. This DVD is merely the two clinics that these two drummers gave during the modern drummer festival so it’s kind of like a HMMS (Hudson Music Master Series) double feature. There’s not much else to say about it beyond that so let’s just get into it.


Even though the description on my Netflix sleeve says that this runs 2 hours and 35 minuets long it still feels really short. The Adler clinic comes first but it’s not so much a clinic as a get to know Chris Adler session with some live performances. Chris says at the beginning that he’s not going to do a 30 minute solo or show you the hardest parts of the hardest songs so it’s not a shock when he doesn’t. For a guy who had never done a clinic before and was worried about being alone on stage, he handles himself very nicely. He performs three Lamb of God songs, talks about himself and his drumming journey and gives a small preview of what would later become Machinations of Dementia (Adler would later have to bow out due to touring conflicts and the band would their name to Blotted Science.) Chris seems like a good guy but there isn’t too much to learn in his clinic besides getting to know the man himself. He actually does more teaching in his backstage interview in the special features section then he does in the main feature. After all the demonstrations he answers a few questions and then he skeedadles the heck out of there.

Jason Bittner comes afterwards and he’s more of what you’d probably expect a MD Festival to be like. Before he ever speaks a word to the audience he plays two Shadows Fall songs and then goes straight into a long drum-solo. About 20 some minutes into the clinic he first says hi, thanks his sponsors and then gives his Double Bass Crash Courseâ„¢. He answers some questions and then plays two more songs and gets gone. Bittner’s clinic is definitely more instructional then Adler’s clinic but he comes off very rushed and a bit irritated. He talks about how he doesn’t want to rush his clinic but the time constraints force him to do so. Either way it’s pretty much exactly what I expected out of a metal oriented MD clinic.


As always with Hudson Music the Camera work is just phenomenal. The two hosts Chris and Jason are chill and rushed (respectively.) I think both were decent hosts given the circumstances though Jason was clearly a tad agitated.


There is lots of extra footage including interviews with both artists, an on the road segment with Chris Adler and two more instructional clips featuring a less rushed Jason Bittner. That’s pretty much it though, the rest is a bunch of other random crap that hardly qualifies as extras in my opinion.

All in all I think that this is a renter not a buyer. Even if you are a fan of these two drummers I just don’t think it’s worth it. I would much rather buy the entire MD 2005 collection then just get this little excerpt.

So until next time this is JABB telling you to keep your powder dry and save those felts.

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