PASIC 2009 Roadtrip

Hello everyone! It’s that time of year. Be sure to tune into the PASIC Blog to follow along on our annual trip to PASIC. we will be posting from the clinics and exhibit halls, and more!! Today, we tart our 8 hr trek to Indy.

7:20a – About to pick up the rental van for the trip to Indy!

10:14a – on the road now! We’re stopping at Lambert’s (home of the throw’s rolls!) for lunch!

11a – Almost everyone in the van is asleep. Wimps!

7:42p – We got checked into the hotel ok. I think we’re about to hit downtown Indy and see what’s up. Man, it’s chilly. I really should’ve brought a hat! The trip was much shorter than I thought. We watched a couple of movies in the van and it flew by. Tommorow is the day where it gets crazy. PAS didn’t send out badges ahead of time which means we have to queue up tomorrow to get them. Grrrr. Why did we register so early then?? Anyway, I don’t have a schedule or anything to go on for tomorrow, only that I know the first drum set clinic isn’t until 11a. Look for more live updates!

8:11p – Whadya know? PASIC registration was still going strong, so we were able to pick up our badges just fine. It went pretty smoothly! And everyone was nice. I still miss the personal touch from Adventure Travel. Kim was great!

Turns out it was a little to brisk for me to be walking in the windy downtown. I’ll let the younguns have their time together. Plus, they won’t feel like the boss is hovering over their shoulder.

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