Virgil Donati Clinic

5:06 Pearl guy comes out and takes a pic of the audience. Gives history of Pearl and VD. Gets Dennis Chambers on the phone. Lol

5:09 VD takes the stage. Takes mic. VD: I’m gonna talk about rhythmic concepts and what I call rhyhmic phrasing in zones. Today I’m going to talk about left and right zones. Normally we think in top and bottom. We can start with a triplet, and break them up in different ways. Meshing one rhythm in another. 4’s and 5’s. We’ll split the triplet between the left foot and snare with the left hand. It becomes a layered groove when you play underneath it. (he keeps referencing a handout, but I don’t see anyone who has one.) you have two constant downbeat that occur in different places when you superimpose the different zones. These can come out as a fragment or a fill or whatever. It’s all about understanding pulse and meter in different ways.

Now, let’s look at combining the double and single paradiddles. The left side is playing the double between the left snare and hh. The right side is playing the single. Then try it reversed. There’s nothing to say you have to stick to each pattern. You can play around with it.

The next one is a group of five notes and a paradiddles.

5:33 VD: How bout some playing? (applause) There is a little bit of zoning going on here.

5:34 Plays track. Prog rock thing. Guitar heavy with synthy stuff. Feels like it’s in 7 but VD is superimposing many different feels on top of it. Goes into straighter section. Sick fast tom fills around the kit. He’s got two mounted toms way up high and draws applause when he goes up to them.

5:39 2nd track. Mellower tune. Odd meter. Synthy. Very out there. Alternating from different meters and feels. Ballad to hard rock to thrash to smooth jazz. Weird.

5:47 Solo. Starts with snare work adding toms around. Lots of kick work. Going in and out of odd metered grooves. Huge kick rolls section. Blowing all around the kit. Into rudimental snare section with kick going all crazy under it. Cool remote hh roll thing. Huge be tom roll to end it as he throws his sticks to the ground.

6:01 Thank yous.

That’s it folks!!! Thank you for joining us and our Drummer Talk PASIC 2009 coverage. Be sure to tune in to our recap shows coming up!

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