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Dave Grohl bio from the great white north!

The folks up in the great white north over at Exclaim.ca have posted a really in-depth bio of our favorite drummer turned front man (not Phil Collins!).  Check out their three page bio on Dave Grohl covering from birth to today.

“Krist Novoselic and Kurt Cobain meet Dave Grohl at the Seattle Sea-Tac airport. It wasn’t the first time they’d met, however; there’d been unknown encounters before.

Once, backstage at a San Francisco Melvins show, and once at a party the Scream guys attended after a show in Olympia. As an icebreaker on the phone with Cobain just prior to meeting in Seattle, Grohl recalls a girl hijacking that party with her annoying singer/songwriter performance. It was Cobain’s girlfriend, Tobi Vail (who would soon form Bikini Kill). Cobain remembers the party too and thought Grohl and his bandmates were obnoxious.

The next day Nirvana play their one and only live show with Dan Peters on drums and Grohl, shocked that 1,500 kids have come to see a band he thought were unknowns, gets his first glimpse of the buzz that’s been simmering around the band, fuelled by their Sub Pop release Bleach; years later he would tell Rolling Stone that he had spent their set standing outside talking to a friend.”

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