Drummer Talk 04/08/2011 – Learning to Practice (#159)

This week, we cover how to effectively practice.  Mike, Kyle, and Andrew bring news of reactions to the new Foo Fighters documentary, Dream Theater’s “new” drummer, Police meets Monty Python, how Steve Adler is recruiting, and the return of the Pearl Reference reference .. kind of.  Show notes after the break!


Clyde Stubblefield want his royalties – Buy it here

New Foo Figthers Documentry – Taylor Hawkins – Dave Grohl

Mike Mangini New Dream Theater drummer?

PAS job opening

Stewart Copeland and Monty Python join forces

Blink 182 half way through new album

Steve Alder wants you to join his band

Aerosmith Swag contest

Pearl Release new Reference Reference Reference pure

idrum – video game edition


Topic –

Learning to practice

set aside moment of time teaching your brain and muscles how to perform

developing a set of skills

learn something new

dont let frustrating rule

dont throw expensive things

play to metronome

dont waste time playing sections we already can play

practice too fast

practice little parts

come back to it frequenly

not stroking ego in practice

micro tempo – take a problem section and practice it slower than you want to, at least 1/2 tempo, it is slow enough so your brain can comprehend what you are doing

isolate and repeate – focus on one measure and loop it at micro tempo and slowly speed it up

over clocking – play the piece 5/10 bpm faster so that when you back it down it feels comfortable

make sure you practice nuience in the piece

Learning to fly – pink floyd

Learning to fly – tom petty

Next week topic: cool new news from German namm or Musikmesse

April 29th : Latham Funk Studies

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