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Sick Drummer Magazine Launches Digital Video Mag

Extreme drumming mag, Sick Drummer, who has been releasing digital issues for a couple of years, has just released issue #17 as a VIDEO digital mag.

Sick Drummer Magazine, who brought you the first drum magazine devoted to extreme drumming, the first interactive drum magazine and interactive advertisements within a digital drum magazine, now bring you the first ever digital video magazine.

This youtube video of Sick Drummer Magazine Issue #17 holds all the content from the actual issue, exclusive video from Animals As Leaders, Vader, Cradle of Filth and a video lesson from Alex Micklewright on single foot blasting. This issue also contains audio tracks from Animals As Leaders and SepticFlesh, as well as introduces a brand new way for us to engage our readers using motion enhancements over static advertisements.

Please take some time to read through the issue, watch the exclusive videos and to share this with all your friends!

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