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DTU Practice Room – Tempo in the Spaces

Tempo, tempo, tempo… As drummers, we’ve all received criticism about our timekeeping at one point in time or another. We’re all too familiar with “the look,” shot at us from across the room by conductors, guitarists, iron-fisted brass players, and the worst look-givers of them all: bassists. It’s the look that says, “Hey man, it’s not a race!” or “Dude! Drink a Red Bull… you’re slowing down.” We’ve all been there, and because we all could use a little tempo tuneup, this lesson focuses on subdividing and internalizing tempos.

The backing tracks cover a range of tempos and allow you see just how consistent you are. Each track is available with or without a click track, and if you venture to play the tracks without a click, you’ll be tested by periodic drum breaks in the music. Here’s hoping you find “one” at the right time!

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Backing Tracks
Suggested Grooves

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