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Drummer Talk 177 – DIY Distribution

Season 8 is shaping up to be packed with super-sized episodes and this week is no exception!  We talk all about ways you can get your music into iTunes, Amazon MP3, Spotify, Pandora, and more!  Show notes after the break.


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TOPIC – DIY Distribution

  • How it used to be:

    • Band got good, got a local following, attracted label interest (by luck, networking, or submitting non-solicited demo)

    • label fronted cash for recording (that the band still owes)

    • band made record, went and gigged to hopefully generate record sales to recoup the cost of producing and marketing said record.

    • If you were lucky, your record made enough money to 1) pay for the production and 2) gave the record co. money to want a subsequent record.

    • Most record deals protect the label since they’re the ones taking the most financial risk.  It isn’t until a string of successes when the artists start really seeing money.

    • One-hit-wonders break this mold since their single can have meteoric rise and generate a lot of sales.  Typically, follow up efforts are not as successful.

  • It doesn’t have to be this way anymore!

    • Recording is so much easier and cheaper now

    • Distribution channels are open to the general public

  • Indie Distribution channels

    • CD Baby (www.cdbaby.com)

      • The first real indi distribution channel!

      • Started as a CD duping and shipping service

      • Does CD distribution, iTunes, Amazon MP3, Spotify

      • Higher upfront, but one-time fees

        • Pay per song

        • Add’l cost for PRO tracking

    • Tunecore (www.tunecore.com)

      • Purely digital distribution

      • Pay lesser up front, but yearly fees

        • Pay per song, album

        • Add’l cost for PRO tracking

    • Reverbnation (www.reverbnation.com)

      • Artist portal

      • Tiered monthly plans

    • Bandcamp (www.bandcamp.com)

      • Vendor portal that allow you to sell your music (through your own site, or their site)

      • Free to register, but they take a cut

    • Soundcloud (www.soundcloud.com)

      • Great place for exposure!

      • Can put tracks available for sale by plugging into CD Baby (and other less known avenues)

      • Limits on how much you can upload depending on the tiered package you have

  • Caveats

    • It used to that if you had talent, you were told you should distribute it (record deal). Now, technology has made it that they can easily distribute it, no one thinks whether the should or not, they just think they should.

  • About P.R.O.s

    • Collect royalties from performances, airplay, and/or licensing

    • For songwriters, not performers

    • ASCAP (www.ascap.com)

      • Non-profit

      • Open enrollment once you have a qualified performance

      • Historically for composers and songwriters

    • BMI (www.bmi.com)

      • non-profit

      • Submit for affiliation

      • Historically for those in the entertainment and broadcast industry

    • SESAC (www.sesac.com)

      • For profit, retains a portion of the collected royalties

      • More selective, works to get their artists exposure and

      • Historically for country and the christian music industry

    • Artists join one, Publishers join all

    • http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=V77pmu2eudQ

    • GREAT article on how this all works: http://www.howstuffworks.com/music-royalties7.htm


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