Drummer Talk 180 – The Orchestral Percussionist

Special guest and principle timpanist with the Western Piedmont Symphony (NC), Charlie Smith, joins us to talk about the life and times of an orchestral percussionist!  Show notes after the break.




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TOPIC – The Orchestral Percussionist

  • Auditions

  • scheduled

  • unscheduled

  • School

  • excerpts

  • Listening

  • both sides of the fence

  • the person auditioning

  • the person listening

  • Skills on every instrument, enough to make any gig happen.

  • multiple percussion pieces / gigs where you have to cover 2 or 3 parts

  • moderate keyboard skills

  • moderate timpani

  • moderate snare drum

  • but don’t forget about cymbals, tamb, triangle, etc.

Outro, drops, plugs, etc.

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Next week’s topic: 5/9 – Writing Music for Band

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