Drummer Talk 185 – Transitioning to “Pro”

Dave is back from vacation with a show about things you need to know when you’re ready to make that leap as a “pro” drummer.


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TOPIC  – Transitioning to Pro

Professional is defined as 30% or more of your yearly income comes from that profession.

  • Professional bands\individuals should become corporate entities to protect members in legal situations and to be able to prove income for future credit situations

  • LLC, S-corporation, C-Corporation as well as most corporate forms LegalZoom.com

  • in your filing be clear about ownership of intellectual property

  • clear  instructions on dissolving the band as well as what happens to the IP

  • in the case of dissolving the band very clear instructions on how the IP may be purchased, sold, rented, licensed etc.

Define who your fans are or as we like to call them customers

  • who is your customer? If everyone is your customer and no one is your customer.

  • Focus on a niche market and sell directly to them. Are you a dance and party band? Find your local events Center or convention hall and sell directly to the upcoming events scheduled for that convention center.

  • are you a beard rock band? find a local bar that has spam on the menu and Pabst blue ribbon on tap

  • the biggest complaint I get working with artists is that my fans aren’t who I want them to be. In the end all artists want respect from other artists that they look up to

  • Everyone should read 1000 true fans by Kevin Kelly – http://kk.org/thetechnium/archives/2008/03/1000_true_fans.php

  • FAN TRACKING – What are people looking at and how long are they staying on your website don’t guess with people are looking at “measure it”

    • crazyegg.com

    • clicktale.com


  • Website design, logos & graphic design

    • 99 designs.com

    • ELance.com

    • crowdspring.com

    • weebly.com do yourself drag-and-drop website builder

    • webs.com

    • WordPress

    • Secure your domain – godaddy.com

    • Vistaprints.com

    • Clubflyers.com


    • mailchimp.com

    • aweber.com

    • the trick with e-mail management is to keep your fans informed but not annoy them. Build a fan database that separates your fan into states\provinces and countries. that way you won’t send information about gigs in New York when your fans live in Ohio.

    • general band update should be limited to once a month or once every two months.

REVENUE STREAMS “merchandise is for branding events are for income”

  • selling your music online

    • payloadz.com

  • redbubble.com you design they sell and deal with all of the headache.

  • Cafepress.com

  • If you’re selling shirts, stickers, hats, iPhone cases it’s not for profit it’s for advertising

  • the goal here is branding and minimal investment and overhead. Dropping $500-1000 on T-shirts that may or may not sell is crazy.

  • if you dare to make big cash you need to create a big event.

  • Get creative

    • branded bottles of wine, skydiving trip with the band, weekend food and drink Festival

    • charity events pick a cause and go for it get sponsors sell tickets. The goal here is to sell tickets inexpensively with the promise of a great time while trying to get the sponsors to pay for it all. the goal here is to give your fans a once-in-a-lifetime experience

    • No silent auctions were all exhausted.

    • try to team up with a local radio station – radio stations focus on niche markets rock country etc. try to plug into their audience

  • Booking tickets

    • brown paper bag tickets

    • live nation

  • Facebook and Twitter

    • try to limit Facebook time to an hour per week but make sure all of your information on what the band/artist is doing is there. Facebook is a nebulous time waster and yes is a great tool to have a conversation with your fans but there are more efficient ways to do it


Outro, drops, plugs, etc.

Next week’s topic: Jason Graves and “The Instrument!”

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