Drummer Talk 188 – “Next Level” Lessons

Did you know you can get lessons with your favorite drummers?  We talk about how on Drummer Talk 188!



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Topic – “Next Level”Lessons


Ways to connect with the pros for lessons

  1. Go to them

    1. Making Contact

      1. What to write in your introductory letter keeping in mind some players don’t teach

      2. Be clear on your objectives & why you want to study with this person – Technique, reading,  style analysis

      3. Give a bio of yourself, recording examples

      4. if you’re in a hotel room book a conference room in the hotel room and rent gear be sure to let the hotel knows what’s up

  2. Catch them in your town!

    1. Making Contact

      1. Find their contact information from their website.  Send them an email (similar to the letter above)

      2. Via Twitter?

    2. Meet them at the venue or a local drum shop.  Be prepared for it to be at a weird time (between sound checks and show start)

Why bother?

  • Experience learning from a “next level guy.”

  • Lineage?

  • These guys are doing what you want to be doing.  Can transcend just technique and skills. Can be an ongoing thing if you’re close enough, or they come through your town enough.

  • Finding someone new to look at your technique.  Make new observations.


  • Don’t book a private lesson to be told how good you are or to show that particular teacher that you can do their gig

  • To get the most benefit from a single lesson be clear in your objectives and the open to what the teacher has to say and most importantly teaching style.

  • Cost can be high.  $100+ an hour.

  • Record the lesson, but be cool about it.  Don’t post it on the web or release it.  Think about a non-disclosure agreement.  Protects the teacher. Take notes.

  • Check your ego at the door.


Outro, drops, plugs, etc.

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