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Drummer Talk 192 – Surviving Music School

From developmental tips to social strategies, we talk all about tips and suggestions for surviving the grind of music in higher eduction. In the news, we talk about KFC hating on drummers, Korn says “no” to Dave Silveria, the greatest metal drummer brackets from Loudwire, NIN’s new record, and the Eiffel Tower as an instrument.

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Topic – Surviving Music School

  • Development

    • Do what you’re there to do.

    • Develop good practice habits and etiquette

    • Audition for everything you can!  It’s great experience even if you have no chance of landing the gig.

    • Never turn down a gig, but put studies over external job

    • Diversify your skills.  Learn as many different things as possible, and don’t pigeonhole yourself… yet.

      • Drumline, orchestra, world percussion, drumset – learn it all! Glee club!

    • Time – Management – http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VHM3U2Fg9HM

    • Develop the freelance mentality and entrepreneurial spirit.

  • Social Aspect

    • Unless you really are the greatest thing since sliced bread, be nice.

    • Remember, these are the networked relationships you’ll be keeping for a very long time!

      • Think about joining a frat/sorority, but proceed with caution

        • Kappa Kappa Psi/Tau Beta Sigma, Phi Mu Alpha/Sigma Alpha Iota

    • Make friends outside of your instrument group!

    • When you’re done – LEAVE TOWN!

  • Gear

    • Have more mallets and sticks than you think you need.

      • Keep them organized – get a nice stick bag/box

      • Put your mark on them somehow

    • Put your name on everything!

    • Cases, cases, cases

Outro, drops, plugs, etc.

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