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Drummer Talk 193 – Rudimental Refresher (Part 1)

Here at the beginning of the school year, we figured it was a good idea to brush up on our rudiments!  We cover the roll rudiments in Part 1 of Drummer Talk’s Rudimental Refresher show.

In the news, we finally find out who won Loudwire’s Greatest Metal Drummer contest, we discuss NPR’s 10 ways to improve your practice time, we listen to a cool sounding groove played by a 10 year old on a washing machine, Mickey Hart examines the connection between music and cognition, and we run down Classic Rock’s top singing drummers!


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News from the Pinboard


Topic – Rudimental Refresher (Part 1)


Outro, drops, plugs, etc.

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Next week’s topic:  Interview with Bart Elliott and Drummer Cafe TV

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