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Drummer Talk 213 – The state of the modern studio drummer

A recent Forbes article sparks a discussion on the current state of studio and recording drummers on today’s show. In the news, we discuss a big artist announcement from Dixon drums and we listen to some drumming history!

Drummer Talk Mailbag

  • From Trey M:
    One group I play in is a 3-piece blues cover band. The only time we’ve ever come close to butting heads is when making the setlist.  Whenever I suggest a few songs to segue they point out that it is not a good idea to put several songs in a row in the same key, fair enough. I have never been to a show and noticed bands that do or do not do this, even metal bands where everything seems to be in E. However, when they offer suggestions they always seem to put say, 3 shuffles in a row and I tell them they should mix up tempos and they tell me people don’t notice that stuff. So, which is worse, putting several songs in a row that are in the same key or several with the same tempo/beat, and which do you think people really notice more?
  • From Brett:
    I’ve been playing drum set for about 2 years now self taught, but I’ve come into a bump here. Being in a high school combo this last year I found out I could never really keep a steady tempo. Sometimes I thought maybe I should not play the drums because I don’t have the “inner click” with others getting frustrated at me I practiced tons with a metronome but still doesn’t seems to help. How can I help establish a good tempo feel with playing the set. Or am I just kind of stuck for life?




Topic Notes

  • Forbes’ article on drum replacement technology –  Part 1, Part 2


Music from this week’s Show:


In closing…


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