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Drummer Talk 222 – Surviving The “Pro” Audition

We’re back from our Summer hiatus with a show on how to survive the “pro” audition! It’s kind of a sad news day as we explore why Chris Slade left AC/DC, talk about the passing of Tommy Ramone, and how both Tim Alexander and Dennis Chambers wound up in the hospital!

Drummer Talk Mailbag


  • From Jackson:
    Several months ago, I signed up to audition for my local youth symphony at the urging of a friend. Despite several years of experience within school band, I am much more comfortable behind a drum set than, say, mallets or tympani, and I was rather unenthusiastic about preparing for this audition. When the try-out did eventually roll around, I was unrehearsed and left the audition ashamed with myself, knowing I was fully capable of securing a spot within the symphony but just not committed.This year I will be a freshman going into High School, and I hope to pursue many musical opportunities there. As for the youth symphony, I’m considering attempting a second audition, but, seeing as my interests aren’t performing as a “percussionist” per say, the only benefit I can see from joining would be a nice name to put on my college applications. Do you feel I could benefit from this endeavor, or am I just wasting my time and money?



Music from this week’s Show:

In closing…


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