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Drummer Talk 223 – The Art of Sitting In

It’s a special Saturday show today as Dave and Troy discuss the art of sitting in as well as unveil brand new ways you can help support Drummer Talk! In news, we discuss the 26th annual Guitar Center Drum-Off, Chad Channing’s plan for a Nirvana reunion, the Bonham memorial, and we pay tribute to the late Idris Muhammad.

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Topic Notes – The Art of Sitting

  • Subbing In
    • It’s not your gig to take, so don’t try to be all that!
    • Maintain the continuity of the performance
  • Open “Mic” Nights
    • Weekly Jazz Jams
    • Why do these exist?
  • Jam Sessions with a band
    • Get a feel for chemistry
    • Can these turn into Auditions?
  • The “cold sit”
    • 3 Rules of Sitting In
      • Establish credibility
      • Make intentions clear
      • Mention something unforgettable
    • What’s the psychology of the cold sit?

Music from this week’s Show:

In closing…

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