Drummer Talk 225 – Tuning 201: The Toms

We’re back for part 2 of our 3-part series exploring tuning! Today, we go in-depth with the toms. In news, both Kings of Lean and Aerosmith have to cancel shows due to drummer health issues, Dave Grohl terrifies us with his Foo Fighters teasers, and Slipknot still wont make with the new drummer’s name!


Topic Notes – Tuning 201: The Toms

  • General Tuning Tips
    • Know what sound you’re going for
      • Come to peace with your drum not sounding like the record
      • Know that your drums sound different from the audience perspective
        • Have someone play your drums and go and listen!
        • Get a recording (not your phone – they peak out)
    • Know what your toms can and can’t do
    • What about pitch matching and intervals?
  • Heads
    • Batters
      • Plys, Dots, Coatings, etc
    • Resonant
  • Special Consideration
    • Mounts make a big different
    • Size is everything!
      • Floor toms vs. rack
      • Shallow vs. deep
    • Materials
    • Hoops
      • Die-Cast
      • Steel-rolled
      • Wood
  • Final thoughts:
    • There’s no magic way to tune!
    • Each drum is different (even It takes a good ear and experience. You’ll only learn by doing, so don’t be afraid to tune your toms)!

Music from this week’s Show:

In closing…

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