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Drummer Talk 227 – 5 Tips for Getting Gigs That Have Nothing to Do with Chops!

On today’s episode, Dave and Troy discuss 5 tips for getting gigs that have nothing to do with chops.

We also answer a listener question about soundproofing, and hear from one of those “Supra” guys!

In the news, we check in on Benny Greb’s fundraiser, discuss a world record attempt, discover who’s filling in for Joey Kramer, listen to a crazy mash-up of drumming and throat singing, and look at the top five Dave Grohl beats.

Drummer Talk Mailbag

  • From Rich in Colorado: I was glad to hear your soundproofing episode. I built a stereo room a dozen years ago and perhaps I did a lot of things right. While the “drum room” is in the basement, it has a structural floor and thus transmits sound through the frame of the house. I like the idea of building an 8’ x 8’ riser, but you didn’t say how high it should be. Searching for an answer on the internet I found a lot of novel ideas for risers, including some mounted on 5-gallon buckets. While their purpose was so they can be seen over the band, the idea of limiting contact surface with the floor is intriguing. Or is it better to build the riser you describe and simply rest it on the room’s carpet? I appreciate your insight.  Thanks! Rich
  • From David: OK..I have to admit I’m one of the “Supra” guys….Enjoyed the shows on tuning and am a fan of not cutting a hole in my bass drum head. I do use a felt strip on both heads.  A couple of summers ago setting up for an outdoor concert the two sounds guys watched me unpack my bass drum and finally asked me where the hole was for the mike.  I told them that I played my bass drum retro style…”cool” they said.  “How long have you been doing that?”  My answer…”45 years”.  Here’s a pic from that gig.  They fooled around with that mike all night.  It really messed them up!


Music from this week’s Show:

In closing…

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