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Patrick Carney (The Black Keys) is not happy with U2’s iTunes Stunt

In a recent interview with the Phoenix New Times, the drummer for The Black Keys, Patrick Carney” had some harsh words for last month’s U2 iTunes albums push.

“They [U2] did a disservice for most independent artists. People… perceive music to be a free commodity.  You have a band needs to sell their 5,000, 10,000 albums, and it’s a big *&@($ deal so they can pay their bills and make another album, and you see that the biggest band in the world is giving it away for free … basically showing thy consumer that music shouldn’t even be !#$%@# paid for. When you have some of the richest guys in music doing that, it’s super selfish. … It’s like price-fixing.

Ouch. What do you think?

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