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Drummer Talk 237 – #PASIC14 Recap

We’re back from PASIC 2014 and we discuss the convention on today’s show. In the news, we discuss the latest with AC/DC and Phil Rudd, and we chat about Sakae Drum’s new contest!

Drummer Talk Mailbag

  • Morten from Norway,Hey Dave and Troy! Thanks for making this excellent podcast. I really enjoy it. Makes me feel like I´m part of the drumming community, even though I´m living remotely in the cold, north of Norway.I thought I’d share my method on the use of apps when drumming.  I’ve found this method very flexible and effective.

    Basically I make a pdf, which I view through ibooks on my ipad when performing and rehearsing. The document consists of a ”index”, with a list of all the songs, and one page per song with notes, lyrics etc. What makes it so effective, especially during rehearsals, is that each songtitle has a hyperlink to the page with the song. On each ”songpage” there is a hyperlink which is linked back to the index-page. I can with ease navigate to the song I want, using the hyperlinks.  The hyperlinks could be made in the preview-app (mac), but they by some reason removed that function 2-3 years ago. I have since then been looking for other software with this function. Adobe Acrobat works nicely, but is very expensive.

    I found out that I could make the whole document using Keynote (mac), which has the feature to insert hyperlinks. And export it to pdf, and open on ipad-ibooks. If I need to make adjustments or add new songs, I can easily do that in keynote. Then export the new version.

    Note: The format (width x height) is adjustable in keynote. 210×297 is suitable for ipad.  Depending on the song there might be different types of notes on each song. On some songs  I don’t need much information, but generally I start preparing for a new song with inserting the lyrics. I can add some bars with musical notation, textboxes and everything else I would need. Notes on the structure on the song is also very helpful.

    For performing, I arrange the songs in the correct order.

    I have also found that while making these notes on new songs, I get a very good idea about the song. I don’t have to remember a whole lot of stuff and can focus on the grooves and transitions when I’m practicing on my own.

    Thanks again for doing the most awesome drumming podcast!


Topic Notes

Music from this week’s Show:

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